Caitlyn doesn’t rhyme with anything but Cait does.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 12.08.35 PMMy name is Cait, short for Caitlyn and like Shanna I am also an artist and pretty cool too.

I fell in love with video probably earlier than I realized but now I’m fully invested. I usually set up a studio and scenes to do my shoots so it should be interesting getting out into the landscape. I have an interest in the cycles of history and the decadence in society that repeats itself continuously that I hope to capture.

Shot from Ophelia
Excerpt Shot from Ophelia
Shot from Useless Movement
Except shot from Useless Movement

Unfortunately I do not have a beautiful RED camera to capture this trip, I can do a lot with what I have. I feel like these towns and cities we are going into will have a plethora of interest that maybe isn’t seen until compiled together. I feel like the contrast in places we are visiting especially so quickly will cause both mine and Shanna’s work to have an interesting rhythm which I am excited to see.

But that is enough about my art for now. This reason I’m going on this trip is just as important.

In the start of my post-grad life I needed something to grab onto that wouldn’t make me feel like the world was a giant unconquerable place. After a good amount of working in Gainesville,  playing Xbox, and a great talk with my mum I decided that maybe it would be pretty great to just get in the car and travel across the country.

The basic outline of our trip.
The basic outline of our trip.

Although we are 10 days away, I still do not feel very prepared. I’ve read all you can about how to pack your car and where to go and not to go, and how kids are set up to have a lot more fun in the car. We’ve booked all the hotels, I’ve bought a road atlas, and am getting my car fixed up but I don’t think anything can prepare you for just going. I suppose that is why Shanna and I make a great team, because Shanna will just go and make sure I’m with her.

I have a good feeling this trip will altar our course in life even if we don’t see it happening. I would have laughed a year ago if you told me I was going on this 21 day trip  but the paths were probably written out long ago.

I’m so thankful to have Shanna on this journey, I feel like we will have a crazy adventure that we will remember for the rest of our days, at least that’s what everyone keeps telling me.

So that is me in a rambling blog post.

Check out my demo reel here.

Check out my website:

And def stay posted because this is going to be our crazy adventure out West.


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