Think you’ve eaten BBQ before? Think again.

Let me tell you about the day we died and went to barbecue heaven of meaty goodness. 

Once upon a time, there were two hungry hungry girls trekking from Houston to Austin across the expansive kingdom of Texas. They were advised to travel to the holy land of Lockhart for “The Best BBQ in Texas” by local members of the Manning clan.

The girls were driving and driving, and driving and driving. They passed through strange, surreal little towns and were offered many opportunities to indulge in lovely little establishments, namely, Gentlemen’s Clubs and Adult Toy Stores. At every turn there was one after another, crying out for attention with only the classiest of names! The favorite of these was called “The Landing Strip.”

Nevertheless, in the nature of true self restraint and pure dedication to the task at hand, the girls pushed through to this elusive Lockhart.



Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX
Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX

The skies parted and the sun shone down on this oasis of barbecue. The girls could hardly stand it as they approached their destination. It rose up from the industrial surroundings and towered over them, revealing itself as a massive mecca of BBQ.

Even before they took one step out of their vehicle, they could smell the true pure barbecue deliciousness awaiting them.

Instant salivation.

The girls entered the heralded establishment and were confronted with an enormous line throughout the entire interior to the entrance door.

They waited.

Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX
Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX

And waited.

Forty minutes ticked by as they inched closer to their reward, figuring out how much in weight of meaty goodness they would devour.

Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX
Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX
  • 1/3 lb hot, juicy, tender, fall apart brisket
  • 4 thick, slide off the bone, meaty, seasoned spare ribs
  • 1 handcrafted sausage
Mountain of Meat, Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX
Mountain of Meat, Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX
Real Sausage, Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX
Real Sausage, Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX

(Beware: change in tone of writing because I’m just that excited about this place)

Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX
Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX

They don’t serve it with any sauce or forks, because the meat is just that good. And I’m the biggest condiment fiend in the world, so I was skeptical at first about no sauce.

But, no. Guys. You don’t even know.

Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX
Kreuz Market Texas BBQ, Lockhart, TX

Life altering.

The end.

Anyway, we eventually made it to Austin and had a great time the night we got in, celebrated the third of July at different bars: including the awesome

1. Key Bar
2. The Market, which had great music and was overlooking downtown on a rooftop
3. Summit, aka crazy nightlife to the extreme, and also rooftop.

Key Bar, Austin, TX
Key Bar, Austin, TX


We also saw some sweet fireworks on the actual 4th:

IMG_7856 IMG_7857 IMG_7859 IMG_7860 IMG_7861 IMG_7863 IMG_7864 IMG_7866
IMG_7869 IMG_7870

Much love,


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Pricing out a budget for your trip? Expenses you’ll least expect…

No, it’s not that big-foot sighting expedition. No, it’s not highway truck-stop strip clubs.

Alright, let’s say you’ve done your research, maybe found some great deals, and budgeted the following as expected:

Drink Expenses
Whatever this is, it’s brought to you by drink expenses
– Accommodations (hotels, hostels, campsites, etc)
– Transportation (flights, rental car, gas, parking fees, etc)
– Food estimate (and of course drinks)
– Entertainment (live music/shows, state parks/nature, museums/culture, etc)
– Some spending money set aside (souvenirs, gifts, whatever suits your fancy)

These are all generally normal expenses you’d plan for with an upcoming trip.

But wait.

What about all that stuff you need/want for your trip that you have to purchase before you leave?

Impulse buying for a trip/buying out of perceived necessity is a real thing.
A very real thing.
It’s such a real thing that it’s more real than my leftover bank account. (Exaggeration or not? You’ll never know.)

Shanna’s new favorite bikini, march 2015-present
I ran into this occurrence before my last adventure with Cait too. We were going on a cruise over our last ever Spring Break to Key West and Mexico. And what do you need for a tropical cruise? Cruise attire! I swear I spent countless hours and dollars finally replacing the bikinis and beach clothes I’ve been wearing to death since ’09.

Yeah, okay, you probably have shoes that aren’t that worn out. And yes, you have that bottle of shampoo that’s not that empty. And sure, you have a camera lens that’s goodbut are all of these what you and this trip need?

One correct response to this notion is “Why yes, I indubitably need new proper attire for my travels! Thank you kindly, Miss Ferris!”

Also acceptable is “Damn, you’re right. Good thing Walmart’s open 24 hours.”

Nevertheless, whatever the case may be, here’s what some of our prep expenses have been for this trip, before our trip even starts:

  1. Data usage
    unless you are the almighty chosen one with unlimited data (like Cait), time to suck it up and pay the overages (like Shanna)…because add-ons are just as much
  2. Batteries
    not just run-of-the-mill AA batteries, although those add up too, but also a back up camera battery, rechargeable batteries for my external camera flash, and the rechargeable battery charger
  3. Car power inverter 
    okay, I can’t even complain about this one because it’s seriously freaking awesome. 2 110V “wall” outlets, 1 USB port, another cigarette lighter – all together in a neat little console that fits in your cupholder and charges all your devices! nevertheless, another expense
  4. Car maintenance and accessories
    like a windshield visor for the forsaken desert heat stroke-inducing land of Southwest America. oh yeah, and maintenance so your car doesn’t spontaneously combust there either
  5. New/appropriate clothes
    I have this terrible little habit of being fine with what 4+ year old things I own, until the last minute when I realize I’m going to be photographed every day of this trip
  6. New/appropriate shoes
    see reasoning for no. 5, coupled with the fact that my go-to shoes just broke last week
  7. New/appropriate camera lens
    since you need the right lens for a road trip, or any traveling in general really
  8. Snack food
    because you need food before you get to the real food source
  9. Water/drinks
    to hydrate or not to hydrate? that’s never a question
  10. Toiletries
    why buy? ain’t nobody got room or upper-body strength for full size toiletries
  11. Atlas
    the physical kind of map, not the kind that will disappear as soon as you’re out of network coverage
  12. Emergency kit
    including, but not limited to: first-aid everything, mace/wasp spray, flashlight (not the app), pocket knife, etc
  13. External hard drive (another)
    I just take that many photos
  14. Business cards
    just do it
  15. Blank CDs
    does your car have aux cord capabilities? ours doesn’t! so we’re rockin it old school style with burning custom CD mixes

Essentially, it’s those things you mentally write off individually, but together they really add up and get ya. ie: buying or re-buying of mundane items, but in slightly different forms to fit your travels.

I’m not even going to tell you how much all the above added up to be.

Hopefully this will better prepare you all for the ever-beckoning trip-prep purchases (say that 10x fast), or at least get you thinking about unaccounted for costs!


Another expense catch you by surprise that we all should know about? Share it in a comment!

Much love,


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Shanna, rhymes with banana.

Shanna Ferris Photography, Photographer, Canon, Videography

For those of you who may or may not know, I’m Shanna (rhymes with banana), from the ShanCait road trip duo! 🙂

Shanna Ferris Photography, Photographer, Canon, Videography     Shanna Ferris Photography, Photographer, Canon, Videography

I’ve always been that person who’s attached at the hip with their camera – if I’m not working with a client for my freelance photography business, I’m spending my time shooting and creating conceptual artwork.

I’ve used and owned countless cameras, but within the past year I upgraded camera body, and I swear, it’s like this 6D is my baby. I could practically pull out my ‘billfold’ and a collection of pictures I’ve taken with it would come unfolding out, just like a proud parent.

“Have I shown you this one? It’s from it’s very first shoot, fresh out of the box!”
*oooh, ahhhh* someone might coo.

Hah, as if it were my child’s first steps.

Shanna Ferris Photography, Photographer, Canon, Videography, RED Epic

But alas, through the Art + Technology program at UF with Cait, I’ve grown quite fond of video too.

I think after a) getting down and dirty with a Hardee’s Thickburger
b) falling in love with video compositing of Google Street Viewtwice
and c) finally conquering my nerves of doing a glam video shoot with a model, video won me over.

After all, there’s enough room for two “babies,” one on each hip, right?

Okay, okay, moving on.

So where does this road trip come in for me?

Well, I am a ridiculously avid traveler. Any and all opportunities that come up, especially fun spur of the moment ones, I seize wholeheartedly (of course camera in-tow). And guess who’s become my partner in crime in recent ones? You guessed it! The one and only, Cait, roadwarrior extraordinaire.

Alas, what happens when…

‘ain’t nobody got $$ for a Eurotrip,’ but ‘we definitely want to travel,’ and ‘neither of us have been out to Cali,’ and oh yeah, ‘we really want to check out Austin too,’ and wait, ‘there are really cool natural wonders throughout the west’…


And guess what? Everyone’s asking, what do I want to do on this road trip? Take lots and lots of pictures and shoot lots and lots of video and create exciting and engaging work!

And don’t worry, you all will be the first to see 🙂

In the meantime, curious about the work I’ve already done?

Shanna Ferris Portfolio

Much love,

Shanna Banana