Whether to Weather: Pros and Cons of a Roadtrip

Dear Weather Systems of the South,

All on I-10, from New Orleans to Houston, you unleashed relentless storming and rainfall like it was going out of style.

Because of driving in this, I’m pretty sure Caitlyn is traumatized.

And may suffer from PTSD. Only time will tell.

Regardless, we will promptly accept proper compensation in the form of glorious weather days ahead for said traumatic experience.

Just a little rain today

The majority of our day was spent on the road in varying degrees of the above conditions. Now someone might ask, why go through that? Why are you even driving in the first place?

Because I for one COMPLETELY hate driving in the rain, that in and of itself is enough to bring up this talking point:

A Handful of Pros and Cons of Roadtripping (Weather-wise)


You are completely dry, warm, and shielded in your pod on wheels from the rain of terror outside.


You are completely blinded and on edge in your pod on wheels from the rain of terror outside.


If necessary, you can tap out and pull over at any given time. Or better yet, conveniently time stopping for food during the downpour.


It takes so much longer to get anywhere.


But it’s not like you can’t get there. (As in your flight would be cancelled due to inclement weather)


Camera equipment and rain are not the best of friends.


You can quickly run out, snap your photos, and run back into safety while nursing your camera back to health with random takeout napkins and microfiber cloths.

And that’s exactly what we did on our adventure in Metairie Cemetery before leaving New Orleans.

Cait navigated us around this super cool cemetery, in and out of a storm, like a pro. It was sick.

Here are some of my photos from yesterday:


We also had a blast the night before.

All in all, there are of course many other pros and cons weather-wise for roadtripping, but as of now, I’m still pro 🙂


Much love,


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